Preschool Room

The Elkader Childcare and Learning Center Preschool Program offers young children experiences in all areas of development:

  • Social Skills – interacting with others, personal independence and responsibility, emotional growth
  • Physical Skills – fine motor (use of hands) and gross motor (moving whole body, throwing/catching, kicking, balancing, etc.)
  • Language Skills – communicating with others and understanding language
  • Cognitive Skills – basic concepts, problem-solving, representing thoughts and ideas through play and drawing/art

Learning activities provide children with skills needed for success in school:

  • Literacy – book and print awareness, pre-writing skills, letter-sound and rhyming awareness, letter recognition, re-reading familiar books, comprehension and enjoyment of books
  • Math – counting out loud, counting groups of objects, making sets of objects, recognizing and repeating patterns
  • Science – awareness of weather and seasons, healthy choices and foods, senses, characteristics of living things (people, animals and plants)
  • Social Studies – awareness of differences between people, our families, our community
  • Technology – basic skills to use tablets, computers and other technology
  • The Arts – exploration of art materials, dance and drama

The daily schedule is planned around the needs of our students, and includes a variety of individual and group activities as well as routines which promote children’s ability to care for themselves:

  • Self-Care routines: arrival and dismissal, meals, bathroom and hand washing, putting items away
  • Clean-up activities – “reading” words and pictures to put items away in their locations, cleaning up own spills and messy activities, putting away own rest time belongings
  • Carpettime – opening and greeting, calendar and weather, show-n-tell
  • Reading Aloud by teacher and individual reading time
  • Singing, moving and dancing
  • Learning Centers – blocks, dramatic play, sensory and discovery, table toys and manipulatives, writing, art, library and technology, music and movement
  • Playing with others and playing independently
  • Completing teacher-directed activities which reinforce basic concepts, literacy and math skills, fine motor skills and following directions
  • Outdoor play
  • Resttime