Get to know our teachers!

What are your three most overused words/phrases?

Amie “Dude” “I brought you a friend” “I’m gonna get you”

Autumn “I’m gonna tickle you” “peek a boo” “you’re silly”

Abby “How did you do that?” “Seriously” “Where are your shoes?”

Brenda “Really” “No Way!” “Oh No!”

Jody “Goodbye” “Perfect” “Seriously”

Lynda “Drink your milk” “You will make Happy Cows”

Kelsey “Can you say please?” “What do you say?”


Do you have any pets?  What kind?

Amie 3 black labs Abbi, Luci, Paisley

Autumn Four Labs Molly, Hawkeye, Sam, Harley and my cows I consider pets also

Abby 2 dogs Lily purebred rat terrier and Poseidon Husky

Brenda 2 cats

Jody 2 cats Daisy and Buttercup, 2 dogs Buddy and Princess, Ducks, Chickens, Pigeons, and 3 Cows Lucy, Sassy, Dixie

Lynda Lots of outside farm cats, 2 house cats Allaina and socks, 1 dog Duke, 4 horses Peanut, Lily, Hickory, Butterscotch

Kelsey 1 Dog Molly she is a Boxer

Jessica 3 Dogs Chloe, Rocky, and Stella


What is one thing you could not live without?

Amie My pets, family, and friends

Autumn My Family

Abby My family

Brenda My child

Jody My family and friends

Lynda My family and friends

Kelsey My family and Friends

Jessica My family and friends


Tell us something that might surprise us about you?

Amie I know how to drive a tractor

Autumn I can wiggle my ears

Abby I graduated high school in 3 years. Am a certified professional photographer and a certified travel agent

Brenda Favorite genre of book/tv is crime dramas/thrillers/forensics

Jody I do not like to go shopping

Lynda I am a girl scout leader

Kelsey I have a degree in Elementary Ed. with special education and reading endorsements

Jessica I had a cyst removed from the back of my head that I had since I was little ad when they removed it, it had hair teeth and nail in it.


Room/age group you work with:

Amie Infant Room

Autumn Infant Room

Abby Floater mostly toddler

Brenda Preschool

Jody Director All

Lynda Toddler

Kelsey Floater

Jessica Cook Floater


How long have you worked at the center?

Amie 7 months

Autumn August 2015

Abby 2 month

Brenda 3 school years

Jody since September 2006

Lynda 8 years

Kelsey since January 2015

Jessica 8 years


What is your favorite book you read to the kids?

Amie I Spy Book

Autumn I Spy

Abby Green Eggs and Ham because we read it like 12 times a day

Brenda Big Pumpkin

Jody The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Lynda The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Kelsey Click Clack Moo or any Dr. Suess books

Jessica Click Clack Moo


What is your favorite craft you like work on with the kids?

Amie Coloring

Autumn I find all crafts fun, but I enjoy watching them paint because I know they enjoy it.

Abby Any! Crafts are my favorite; like our muddy feet and moose with muffins

Brenda Gluing crumpled tissue paper on variety of shapes

Jody Finger Painting

Lynda paint their hands and feet

Kelsey Anything with paint! I love to make messes!

Jessica Painting


What do you like most about being a teacher at the center?

Amie Playing with all the kids and hearing them laugh and have fun

Autumn Seeing the kids smile, hearing them laugh, and watching them grow and develop their own personalities over the months.

Abby Being with the kids, because they are so smart and they teach me important life lessons about love and friendships.

Brenda The kids

Jody Watching all the kids grow and learn. Seeing any child accomplish something new is the most rewarding thing.

Lynda Rewards (Hugs, Kisses, and Smiles)

Kelsey Helping the children learn and watching them grow into their personalities.

Jessica Everything


What is your proudest moment at ECCLC?

Amie Becoming a Lead Teacher

Autumn Becoming a Lead Teacher in the infant room; also receiving the nick name “Auda” and “Aubum” from the kids.

Abby My first week I was able to get a child who wouldn’t go potty on the potty to tell me and go on the potty! Super proud moment.

Brenda When parents support me and the program by telling me and others about how glad they are they enrolled their child in my preschool!

Jody When I became Director; also when all the children have to say HI or give me a hug when I walk into a classroom. It makes me feel so good knowing the I have a positive impact on our young children. It is a hard/great moment when I see children from the center grow to become independent children and no longer need our care.

Lynda One of my preschoolers I had over the summer learned a lot of sight words and his grandma called to tell me how proud she was and thank me.

Kelsey When the kids are happy to see me and run to give me hugs when I get here everyday!

Jessica Watching our younger ones grow; watching all the children grow and succeed and seeing their faces when they do.


Toddlers and Snow

Who is a toddlers best friend in the winter time? A snowman of course! Today the toddlers enjoyed building a snowman while getting some much needed fresh air. 20160107_105019

Fabulous Fridays

Not sure where to take your child on Fridays when Central Community School does not have school? Elkader Childcare is offering Fabulous Fridays for 4 year old preschool students. Fabulous Fridays will be a fun and exciting day for all preschool students.

  • Field Trips
  • Visitors
  • Games
  • Activities
  • 9 hours of preschool/ wrap around care
  • Nutritious Meals/Snacks
  • CPR/First Aid Trained Teachers
  • 3 Outdoor Playgrounds
  • Meets and Exceeds State Regulations
  • Low Cost

For more information or any questions call Jody at 563-245-3333 or email